10 Days, 11 Nights, 1 Carry On

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

I’m leaving for a European vacation today that includes four different countries (Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy), a mix of beach vs city and a range of temperatures… so naturally I decided to pack everything in a carry-on!

I hardly ever travel without my dogs, but since they’re staying stateside I jumped at the chance to travel light (for once!). This trip is about sun, sea, cappuccinos, gelato… the last thing I want is to be bogged down with STUFF.

I’ll share real time Insta updates on whether I nailed the packing or not, but in the meantime here’s what made the cut!

Of course toiletries had to be consolidated – three big cosmetic bags were whittled down to one small case of essentials only. Duh. Plus a Parker Thatch pouch for all my chargers and outlet converters because even though I’m on vacay, money never sleeps people!

For my travel look, I wanted something comfy but stylish enough to re-wear, so I went with my Eloquii floral printed pajama-inspired pants and top, with my Lingua Franca cashmere sweater and cashmere sleepmask for airplane AC. I downloaded plenty of content on my iPad and I know I should try to sleep but I’m probably gonna watch movies instead (no parents!!!).

For the beach clothing… this Marina Rinaldi set screams Italian Riveria so it was a no brainer. Same for an old Missoni caftan and this white lace shirtdress from this summer’s Teresa x Eloquii collection. My Dodo Bar Or caftan was too bulky (plus she’s already been to Italy) so I swapped it for this Paradised Lost one instead. This striped Saint James top with UV protection (available sizes 4 – 20) will be perfect for boat days and finally, with two Bruna Malucelli swimsuits to rotate, I’m set (I think!!).

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

For city days, I’m counting on an old Ralph Lauren black mini skirt that hasn’t let me down yet, a solid black silk cropped top by Iro, and the faux leather leggings from my capsule collection with Eloquii, which I opted for over white jeans (SHOCKER!) because they take up less room and work with all my tops. And you know I packed my Thinx because I’m going to get my period at some point and with this few clothing options I cannot afford stains!

The jacket was a tough choice and while I wanted to bring the camel robe coat also from my capsule collection, it was too bulky (and let’s be real, it’s not going to be that cold) so I settled on the bomber jacket instead.

Finally, shoes is really where ‘packing light’ gets real. While my Saint Laurent leopard booties would be amazing, I decided I would rather wear simple white sneakers to comfortably walk around the city of love. Plus the booties were way too big, so non merci.

How’d I do? I have no idea! But will keep you updated between cappuccinos 🙂

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