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3 Brands For Keeping It Personal


Maybe it’s cuz I self identify as a Millennial, but I love personalized items that shout, Hey World It’s Me! So I guess it’s no surprise I’ve come to own (and be obsessed with) so many customized items, from sweatshirts to bags to trays to jewelry.

Brands that make it easy, affordable and of course stylish to wear your name on your sleeve are the ones I turn to again and again, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Parker Thatch is my go-to for classic canvas totes, clutches and trays. How else am I supposed to store my stoosh cream for my melasma mustache?

Sarah Chloe lets me live out my 1999 Carrie necklace dreams on a daily basis via necklaces, bracelets and rings sporting my dogs’ names (which you can sort of see here). #Dogager for life!

And for design-your-own sweatshirts that are cute enough to be styled as real outfits, Bow & Drape never lets me (or my dogs) down.

What about you, how do you keep it personal?

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