5 Sales For Your Summer ’16 Wardrobe


While there’s something exciting about the idea of cozy knits and over-the-knee boots (which by the way I will be taking on this season for size 12 feet everywhere!), I would like to state that it is in fact still summer. And if you factor in the inevitable Indian summer that is also known as September, that equals at least one more month of the best season.

What are you wearing to get you through? Here’s a round-up of 12ish approved picks that you don’t need to feel bad about because they’re all on sale. Get em before they’re gone girl and ride out these glory days in style!

1. Trapeze Tops


My secret’s out and now the world knows the trapeze is the top to beat.


2. Jumpsuits


For when you want to feel put together but cool, you know like a French girl.


3. Swimwear


I will probably cry when swim season is over… but then again there’s always resort!

4. Printed Dresses


Don’t you dare drink that coffee without one.

5. Sunglasses


Because leaving the house without a pair of sunnies is like leaving without underwear, except worse.

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