7 Ways You Can Shop Better For Your Body Size


There you are, hustling home or to a meeting and you see it…the dress of your dreams! You walk into the shop and make a beline to the rack, swinging hangers as you search for your size…but wait – it’s not there! The sales person sees the confusion on your face, and as you as ask if your size is in the back, you are met with the unsatisfactory answer very often thrown out by retailers that your size is available “online only”…or even worse, they don’t make your size at all.

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It is here that you can decide to go try on the 10 that the sales person is holding up in front of you as an option (which you know won’t fit over your wrist, let alone your entire body) or sulk out of the store, dress-less. This has pretty much been my retail experience on repeat since I was old enough to have an interest in clothes, so rather than walk around in bed sheets, I’ve racked up a small arsenal of tips for navigating the fashion world when you are not a 2. Head on over to Harper’s Bazaar for all my tips and tricks 🙂

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