That 70’s Show

Sep 08 2016_KS_70s_Overall_Swim__MG_9882

Is ‘Throwback Tuesday’ a thing?? Today on the blog, I’m taking you back in time with this 70’s inspired look by Eloquii.

Sep 08 2016_KS_70s_Overall_Swim__MG_9874

This dress’s fit and flare style, complete with an eye-catching pattern, makes for an extremely flattering and easy outfit that’s perfect for a fall day.

Sep 08 2016_KS_70s_Overall_Swim__MG_9917

These Mary Jane buckle heels add a school-girl element to the look, while still keeping it very cool and polished.

Sep 08 2016_KS_70s_Overall_Swim__MG_9878

Sep 08 2016_KS_70s_Overall_Swim__MG_9922

Sep 08 2016_KS_70s_Overall_Swim__MG_9902

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