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80 degrees with a high chance of thigh chafing?

Anti-chaffing Gold Bond Friction Stick Cobalt Chanel Quilted Purse Thigh Chafe

Thigh chaffing. Let’s get into it.
When feels too hot for underwear, there’s no way I’m wearing pants.

I gave up trying to make shapewear work under dresses and skirts in the heat a while ago. These days I’m all about skimmies: silky, breathable bottoms that look like shape wear but feel great in the summer, and anti-chafe sticks. With the sticks, I’ve found that the best still wear out after about an hour of serious walking. So I keep a stick in a travel pouch with my on-the-go makeup so I can easily grab what I need for the day when I switch bags.

Here are our favorite anti-chafe products:

And don’t forget a cute tote to organize what you need on the go:

What are your favorites for staying chafe-free in the heat?

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