A Day At The Pool with Cover Swim & Neiman Marcus

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You know I love swimwear, so I was pretty excited to team up with Neiman Marcus and Cover Swim recently to help kick start beach season (on a balmy 30 degree and snowy day, of course…).

I can never say enough great things about Cover swimsuits! Their athletic cuts are super flattering and the patterns and colors really get me, season after season.

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I sat down with Neiman Marcus after our pool day to chat 12ish, body confidence and all things Cover. Keep reading for the deets, or head to the NM blog 🙂


NM: Tell us more about how you got started with The 12ish Style.

KS: It happened very organically. The Man Repeller featured me in a story about dressing for different body types, and when I read the comments I was overwhelmed to find so many women with similar bodies who were starved for examples on how to dress. I had always felt like the only size 12 in the room and was empowered to find I was not alone—the average woman in this country wears a size 14 after all!

NM: How has founding a fashion PR agency influenced your opinions of the fashion industry?

KS: I have had the opportunity to watch brands grow from ideas to success. I see how much hard work and luck is required, and I have so much respect for the brands that make it. I also know that the bottom line matters, and if designers doesn’t think they have a potential audience to purchase a “fringe” size, they don’t take the risk. I am here to help designers understand just how many women would love to wear their clothes!

NM: What is the key for women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident in swimwear?

KS: Listen, every woman has issues with her body, and swimsuits do a good job of bringing those issues to the forefront. I say splurge on a suit you love and rock the heck out of it. And stop beating yourself up! Even the girl with the perfect abs has issues with her shape, so just enjoy the beach!

NM: What is one piece of advice you would give women looking for and trying on swimwear this season?

KS: Above all else, you have to love the suit!

NM: Tell us your secrets on how to stay both comfortable and stylish while wearing swimwear.

KS: If I love a suit but they don’t have my size, I know if I try to squeeze into it anyway I will end up regretting it later. So buy a suit that fits and supports. And don’t forget, altering swimwear can give you the perfect fit.

NM: Why did you choose these pieces from the Cover swim collection?

KS: I have loved Cover for years. I am so drawn to colors and patterns, and every season they deliver. Also, the shapes make me feel powerful and athletic! Not to mention, I don’t have to apply SPF 50 to my chest and arms because I’m already protected.

NM: What is your favorite aspect of the latest from Cover?

KS: The mesh—it’s so sporty and chic!

NM: What is the best way to add style to a swimsuit?

KS: Jewelry. I wear Sarah Chloe necklaces layered over my suits. The gold catches in the sun and looks very sexy. I am also a huge caftan fan.

NM: Name one essential item women should always bring to the pool or beach.

KS: SPF! I prefer SkinCeuticals SPF 50 for the face and the sport version for the body.

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