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Adobe Took Me to Photog School 101


While I would not consider myself a natural photographer, nor would I consider photography something I’m organically interested in as a hobby, it just happens to be that taking photos is my job. As someone who’s on the go all the time and who doesn’t use a professional-grade camera, the endless photo editing options can seem overwhelming, and if it’s your career, you should be up on the newest stuff beyond what comes preset on your iPhone. So when Adobe said that they were going to teach a master class taught by Theron Humphrey of This Wild Idea and his pup Maddie, I was actually very excited because I don’t often take the time to update my skill set in this area even though, again, it is ironically my job.


The focus of the class was a behind the scenes look at the best practices for photographing your pet, which is a subject I just so happen to know a lot about 😉 but I was surprised at how eye-opening it was to witness another person in my position’s process to create these images that we see on Instagram every single day. Theron really likes to explore the things that Maddie is naturally into. Rather than posing her so much, he lets Maddie take the lead, definitely something I can take back and apply with the pups.




The two editing tools we worked with were Lightroom and Spark Post. Lightroom CC is basically like a Photoshop for photography, so you’re able to use the healing brush (I’m fancy now!) to remove anything unwanted, drag your light (check out my before-and-after’s), and a bunch of other cool editing options. And the best part? The Lightroom for mobile app is free ninety nine.


Photo Mar 09, 4 26 57 PM


@muppetsrevenge needed a little lunch break and some #LightroomPetTips. Can you spot the difference?


Me, @muppetsrevenge, and Cheese ready to model.

Spark Post was very intriguing to me. As a small business owner where social media is now an intricate and intimidating part of their business, Spark Post made it dummy-proof to make really professionally designed Instagram squares. And guess what? It’s also free 🙂

I think it’s important for everyone to have their own eye, whether it be for a personal blog or a pet’s Instagram, but it’ll definitely be useful to take these technical tips and apply them back into the blog!


Thank you to Lightroom and Adobe Spark for sponsoring this post. 

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