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#Adulting in the Laundry Room


When you’re growing up you assume you’ll have everything figured out by the time you’re an adult. And then you become an adult and realize you know basically nothing! Sure, you’ve got a job and the rent is covered and maybe you’re even keeping an animal (or three) alive, but so much of the business of how to “be an adult” is such a mystery.

Maybe I’m just lazy (good chance) but isn’t that why we like life hacks so much? That feeling of, “Aha! Someone else figured it out for me!” is pretty much best. BUT not all life hacks speak to me, so as a new series on the blog I thought I’d share my favorite discoveries and tips for adultifying your life the 12ish way.

I want to start in the laundry room, yes typically a pretty un-fun place (even more so if it’s a laundromat). But sometimes the simplest thing can make the biggest difference, and that’s exactly the case with Le Labo Rose Signature Detergent by the Laundress. I know it sounds crazy to be so crazy over laundry detergent… but stay with me!

This stuff smells like HEAVEN. Yes, it’s a total splurge, but here’s the trick: don’t waste it on things that go in the dryer as it fades the scent (dying for the Laundress to come out with dryer sheets, hint hint), but use it on your delicates and you won’t regret it! While your man probably will not notice because, men (eye roll), you will love the boost it gives you.

The fragrance lasts and lingers all day long so when you’re running late, scrambling to get into a stinky taxi and carrying like 4 packages, you will suddenly get a whiff of your Le Labo scented bra and feel instantly transported to a well-lit Nancy Meyers bedroom decorated in luxe neutrals with a bubble bath ready and waiting. Seriously.

Since I discovered this detergent, wearing nice lingerie has become much more of a thing for me. Life is crazy and demanding, so the idea of doing something decadent that’s just for me feels great. Lately I’ve been wearing and loving this everyday romper by Journelle, this star-speckled bra by Mimi Holiday and this show-stopping number also by Mimi Holiday (you know I can never get enough star print in my life). Shop more picks below and don’t forget the secret ingredient (trust me!!).


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