Aint No Party Like a Pajama Party


I’m not sure there’s anything more enticing than the pajama dressing trend that’s been lingering around my closet for a while but not really landing… until now.16-03-17_Katie_pajama_headphone__MG_575916-03-17_Katie_pajama_headphone__MG_5728Like everyone, I was feeling a lot of should I / shouldn’t I inner debate, and then I saw our friend The Style Scout’s recent take on the trend and realized YES I SHOULD.16-03-17_Katie_pajama_headphone__MG_5734I love this Marina Rinaldi set as the perfect entry level pj look. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation even though that couldn’t be further from the truth.16-03-17_Katie_pajama_headphone__MG_5746


Yes, every style blogger is going to say you gotta wear heels with this trend, and it’s not bad advice, but I say what’s the point in doing sleepwear if you can’t wear a cool and comfy loafer like these CB Italian loafers to finish off the look. They’re handmade and yes, of course I got them in a men’s size. LOVE.16-03-17_Katie_pajama_headphone__MG_575216-03-17_Katie_pajama_headphone__MG_5743Are you yay or nay when it comes to pajama dressing? Let me know below!

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