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All Hail The Trapeze: 12ish Approved Tops


Recently we got together with our friends over at Man Repeller for another 12ish take on what in the world to put on your body during summer. With shorts and swimsuits already decoded, the obvious next move was to take on the trapeze top. Listen up, it’s the unsung hero of tops and deserves some air time!

You can read all about my love affair here but if you’re dying to get to the good stuff – ahem the shopping – don’t worry, I gotcha.

All images courtesy of the Man Repeller.

AYR is doing amazing things with trapeze tops (and clothing in general). This will easily sub in for your favorite tshirt, this will make you feel the right amount of fancy and this is a total show stopper with built in air conditioning. AYR is quickly becoming a go-to brand for me with their easy fit, clean lines and cool cuts so look for more to come.

This Club Monaco is the perfect floaty pullover when you need a light layer.

Shop other picks below!

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