April Showers…

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…bring May flowers! You know how the saying goes 🙂 One thing you may or may not know about me is my complete disdain for umbrellas. I dislike them so much that I don’t even own one! So what’s a girl who hates umbrellas to do when it pours? Fun rain gear, of course. Read on for two rainy day outfits sure to make even the grayest day bright.

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I couldn’t sleep until I got my hands on this Stutterheim rainbow raincoat. If I were a raincoat, I would for sure be this one. Another “Borrowed from the Boys” tip, a size large in men’s fit perfectly. Throw on a pair of red rain boots for a bit of color coordination and you’re ready to brave the elements.

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If you tend to gravitate more towards solids, this other Stutterheim option in the prettiest shade of blue will be just right. Layer a striped tee underneath for a laid back, yet polished look and finish with a pair of sneakers (also my go-to for rainy days). And in true school spirit, this Kate Spade backpack is just big enough for all your essentials.

Shop on, and keep thinking about those May flowers.

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