Best Jeans for a Cutie Bootie

The 12ish Style/NYDJ

I’ve talked it about it before, but I never wear jeans… unless they’re NYDJWell, actually, all my white and my black jeans are NYDJ too. I know it sounds like total exaggeration, but for years I’ve been NYDJ or bust.

12ish Style / NYDJ

I’ve tried other brands along the way, but for me, none come close. NYDJ jeans are always comfy, supportive and flattering – three things that historically are tough for me with denim. So yes, I’m hooked!

12ish Style / NYDJ

And I’m about to get even more hooked with the launch of their new Uplift technology, featuring a re-engineered back pocket area to make your butt look even better.


Any innovative twist that helps you look like your best self is a big YES in my book. I mean who wouldn’t want that?!

The12ish Style / NYDJ

If you want to up your rear end game, give them a try. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you NYDJ for sponsoring this post

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