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The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

So many women think that because they have big boobs and need lots of support, they can’t wear cute bras. As a size 38DDD lingerie lover, I’m here to say that is crazy talk!!

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

Nice looking — even PRETTY — supportive bras exist for us large chested ladies and if you haven’t already indulged in one, you should.

Yes, it is a bit of a literal indulgence (ie not cheap), but totally worth it. You can cycle through 5 inexpensive bras over the course of a year, replacing them as they stretch out, OR spend a little more on one nice bra that is built to take repeated wear without stretching. I’ve done the former, but ever since I realized how good it looks and feels to wear a nice bra, I’m forever done with the cheapies.


Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

The idea that you can only get the shape you want from a massive ugly bra is an absolute myth. A high quality one will give you the lift you’re after without being sad to look at. It can also create the illusion a longer waist and who doesn’t want that?!

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

These bras are all by Chantelle (black here, berry here, red here), the undergarment brand I wear the most in my day-to-day life. When I first discovered how supportive and pretty their lingerie is, I reached out to the company for more info and learned they’ve been at it since 1876! That’s nearly 150 years of bra expertise passed down from one generation to the next, so yeah they know what they’re doing.

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

Whatever size chest you’re working with, every woman should feel pretty and supported. If you want to give Chantelle a try, they’ve extended a special code for 12ish readers. Check it out my favorite pieces here and enter code KATIE20 for 20% off these styles and free shipping 🙂 And please leave a comment and let me know, have you made the switch from quantity to quality with your bras?

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