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During my crazy college days, my friends and I would go out on sub-zero nights sans our coats because they were just too much of a hassle in a crowded bar. I don’t know how I’m not covered in well-earned frostbite as a result, but somehow my extremities survived and I have since wizened up, big time.

As I’ve learned, when it comes to winter it’s never ok to put up with being cold, but I also refuse to take part in the sea of boring black coats that resemble a shapeless sleeping bag. There are options!

For really, REALLY cold days, I’m all about a parka. As a size 12ish girl, I like my puffy parkas tailored to my curves – no boxy fits here. An unexpected color, like white or camel, feels like a slap in the face to Old Man Winter and works with everything. Add a belt and voila, instant Bond girl vibes.

On crazy cold days, smart layers are a lifesaver. These Uniqlo Heat Tech Tights keep your lower half toasty without adding bulk. With women’s sizes ranging up to XL and men’s sizes to pick from too, they’re a go-to for all shapes (yep I’m rocking a men’s pair with hidden crotch pouch and proud of it…).

For days that are cold but not in a life threatening way, I like to reach for something other than a parka. A stylish yet warm pick like this Coach Curly Coat is always part of my winter survival kit. Anything furry is going to add bulk of course, but I urge all body types to give it a try. I don’t believe in opting out of a fashion moment – especially one this warm and snuggly – based on your size or shape, so I say pair your fuzzy with skinny jeans and a I’m-Cooler-Than-You attitude and you’re good!

Finally, don’t forget about those lighter wool coats that got you through Fall — with more smart layering you can work these into your January rotation, no problem. I love Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Vest – it’s super thin and keeps your core secretly warm when layered under a thinner coat, like this Eileen Fisher Kimono. And as with the tights, these vests come in a range of sizes across both women’s and men’s, so it’s just a matter of finding your best fit (a men’s medium pour moi).

What do you wear to feel hot and look hot in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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