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Calling All Project Runway Fans!

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I’ve been teasing it all summer, so I’m super excited Project Runway season 16 is finally live!

I’m also excited to be hosting this season’s Behind the Seams, the Project Runway aftershow where I goss about and with the designers on what went down during each week’s episode. It’s super juicy and there’s no holding back!

You can watch the first two episodes here and here and stay tuned every Thu for new episodes 🙂

This season is the first time Project Runway is addressing size inclusivity, using models up to a size 22.

It was really interesting to see how the different designers handled designing for a curvy body. I honestly didn’t think it would be an issue — it’s 2017! — but as you’ll see this season, certain designers really struggled. Clearly it was the first time a lot of the contestants had ever designed above a sample size and I was shocked at how much complaining and resistance there was along the way!

As the body positivity movement continues to grow and normalize everyday, I think it’s really cool that PR fans will get to see models of all sizes on this season’s runway. I love that there’s conversation and context around it, and yeah there’s some struggle too. That’s life! I’m just happy to help shine a light on a little corner of what’s going on out there in the world of body positivity.

Let me know if you watch this season and how you like the show!

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