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Calling All Yoga Pant Addicts

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

Of course you need to lock down your winter coat and boots, but I’m here to say DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR PANTS.

I have a slight pet peeve or maybe it’s more of a general confusion, but every winter I see tons of girls running around in black yoga pants as leggings.

WHY?? The wind is going to rip right thru those Wunder Unders and I promise you can do better! I totally get wearing them on workout day or throwing them on every now and then. Duh. But I will never understand why so many women depend on their yoga leggings to get them through winter as an actual piece of clothing!

photo @jamiemagnifico

photo @jamiemagnifico

Here’s the thing. A black faux leather legging is easy, versatile, warm and a million times cuter than the leggings you wear to the gym. Once boot season hits, leggings make a lot of sense and every woman I know ends up wearing them more than she thinks she will. So if you’re wearing them anyway, why not swap the yoga tights for something a lot more chic and just as comfy?

Who’s with me??

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