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  • 16-04-05_Katie_Sturino_Swim__MG_2087Rweb

    Why I #LoveMyShape with

    I was really excited when asked me to participate in their #LoveMyShape story. Not just because it was the perfect opportunity to pull out some fake yoga (in my go-to Haven leggings and men’s New Balance…

  • Boxing_Featured-V3

    Unleash Rage and Get Toned with Boxing

    Seeing as last week I signed with Muse Management and am finally a legit model (NBD… whuuuuttt!!!), I figured it’s time to start acting like one. I’m going to work up to…

  • 12ish_KP_Dance_FEATURED_V3

    The Dance Workout You Gotta Try

    Back in December, I made a pre-New Year Resolution to step up my fitness game. Because I get bored easily (blame that millennial attention span), I knew switching up my workout every month…

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