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    The Pant Trend I’m Sitting Out

    Like all ladies, I want to feel that my style is constantly evolving, so I’ll admit to feeling a little stale lately with my pant game. Specifically, skinny jeans. They’re flattering and easy to…

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    Fashion Trends

    3 Brands For Keeping It Personal

    Maybe it’s cuz I self identify as a Millennial, but I love personalized items that shout, Hey World It’s Me! So I guess it’s no surprise I’ve come to own (and be obsessed with) so many customized items,…

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    All Hail The Trapeze: 12ish Approved Tops

    Recently we got together with our friends over at Man Repeller for another 12ish take on what in the world to put on your body during summer. With shorts and swimsuits already decoded, the obvious…

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