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Caudalie has Your Sunday Night Skin Nailed

Crushed Cabernet Scrub

My obsession with all things French led me to try Caudalie skin care about a year ago, and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

Recently I had an amazing facial at their spa in the Plaza hotel and learned all about Sunday night skin care. I thought Sunday nights were just for Netflixing, social media stalking and online shopping, but now I know that to truly be fake French you gotta sneak in some suped up skin care as well.

So here’s the deal. I learned from my facialist that while chemical exfoliants are the way to do life Monday – Saturday, a physical exfoliant on Sundays is great for shedding dead skin cells. I love the Deep Cleansing Exfoliator. Next follow it up with a mask à la Mrs. Doubtfire (try the Instant Detox) and take in a Mindy or Girls. Then comes a few mists of Beauty Elixir (magic in a bottle plus no cotton pad required, #lazylifehack). The last step to Sunday night bliss is a face oil. If you think your skin is too greasy, don’t do it every night, just make it a special treat. Now I look forward to a few drops of Detox Oil before bed on Sundays like a huge skin nerd and couldn’t be happier.


My other Caudalie favs include their Grape Spray for when things get too hot in the city and their Divine Oil because nothing smells better.

This is an UNPAID and UNSPONSORED post, I just love the products and am trying to help a girl out! Lemme know what you think!

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