December, the month known for… Fitness


Ah, summer. It was full of pool floats, ice cream and lots of talk about melasmas but something was very absent in my life: exercise. As a former athlete, my body actually craves a workout but with my travel schedule and life as a dogager, I lost my way. Right before Thanksgiving I got fed up with feeling weak and sluggish. I want to feel strong again! So to keep things fresh and to keep myself honest (and hopefully somewhat toned), I’m going to start sharing my monthly workout goals right here on the blog.

Naturally I thought December, the month known for christmas cookies, puff pastry appetizers and calor-iffic drinks, would be the perfect time to start this! (What is wrong with me?)

To get things going, I’m turning to Tracy Anderson. Whether you love her or are suspicious of her or both, the girl gets results. The question is, will I get results? This month my goal is to do her 30 minute workout video EVERY DAY. I’m 14 days in (yup!) and really feeling the burn, but also starting to feel just a little bit stronger each time. Let’s do this, Tracy!

To stay motivated, I just picked up these new Outdoor Voices Leggings. They’re cute, and I love the fit and fabric (size L is a perfect fit for me). Paired with my trusty Soul Cycle Muscle Tank (also size L) and Reebok Instapump Fury’s, I may not feel good going into that seventh excruciating minute of leg exercises, but at least I’ll look good.

Do you have a new fitness goal or routine? Please share! I can’t be the only one!

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