Dog #Twinning For the The Holidays


You know those weird dog fanatics? I am totally, unabashedly one of them. As a mom to not one, not two but three insta pups (Pants, Toast and Muppet of course) I am pretty much the bullseye when it comes to crazy dog ladies.


Not surprisingly, #twinning with my dogs is very on brand for me. Because what could be both cuter and creepier than wearing the same outfit as your pet?


To highlight some of my best (or worst?) matchy-matchy looks, we are kicking off a monthly Dog #Twinning series. This month I forced Pants into the holiday spirit with a pair of inappropriate sweaters from Tipsy Elves. For me, humping deer and for her, humping dogs. What do you think, totally cute or totally worth reporting me to the humane society? Either way, from my crazy dog family to you we wish you a Happy (and moderately inappropriate) Holiday!




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