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Do London Like an It Girl with Model Aglaë Dreyer


Anyone who describes themselves as “A Model Who Won’t Sacrifice Wine or Dessert” is obviously hot and cool, so if you don’t know Aglaë Dreyer yet you should!

She’s Belgian by birth, loves adding stamps to her passport and is lucky enough to call London home. She’s not only a total jet-set babe but also a big inspiration when it comes to body love and acceptance (read more about her journey here). In other words, Aglaë is the kind of girl we can’t help but want to immediately befriend and hang out with, yes preferably over wine and dessert!

Given my desire to add more stamps to my own passport (not to mention my equally serious sweet tooth), I was dying for Aglaë’s take on where to go and what to do in London. For insider tips on the best meals, shopping and more, keep reading (and bookmarking!).

Hey Aglaë! Thanks so much for taking the time to spill the beans on your amazing city. Right out the gate, of course I am wondering where to go for the best plus size shopping?

The best plus size shopping is when I don’t only go in plus-size shops. I love to go shopping in vintage shops near Brick Lane or on Portobello Road. I also like to check Asos. I love the brand Datura – the coats and sweaters fit me and they are in luxurious fabrics at reasonable prices for the quality and cut. 

One of my tips is not to pay attention at the sizes so much (they are so different from one shop to another!) and also to look at the men section. I like a cashmere sweaters to be a little loose… So that’s where the men’s section is a good go to 😉  

I am so with you on shopping the men’s section, it’s a game changer! What about your favorite designy hotel to recommend to visiting friends?

I love the Chiltern Firehouse for its bar and restaurant (the place is beautiful!) but it’s a little pricey for my friends and family. 

I would recommend the Laslett or the Portobello Hotel as they are close to where I live and are nice boutique hotels.

Where do you like to go for a healthy lunch? 

I love to go to Falafel King on Portobello Road. It’s right around to corner of where I live, everything is made daily and the falafel is the best I ever had! 

Ok I’m drooling. What about the best/craziest dessert in town?

At Fortnum & Mason at Piccadilly! 

There is this ice cream sundae that is made with gold leaves and other really expensive things and it’s about 60£ for your ice cream (only in London!).

STOP that is insane!! Do you have a favorite dog park for us canine-obsessed? 

I don’t have a dog 🙁

Girl you gotta work on that!! What about the best place to get a cup of coffee? Or should I say tea?

I just went to Park Chinois for their high tea and it was amazing. It felt like I was in another century! Would definitely recommend it as their tea selection is fantastic, as are their scones and cakes ????

I am a sucker for coffee and I am always on the look for the best… It’s not so easy to find in London.. There is one near my place that I love and that makes coffee as I love it (and also an excellent brunch): Lowry & Baker.

I cannot function without coffee so that’s good to know! Finally, what’s a tourist activity you would do as a local?

I love to go walk around Hyde park and go check out the Serpentine Gallery. It’s free and I always love their selection! Also I love to check out the windows at Selfridges… Especially during the Holidays!

Thanks so much Aglaë! I can’t wait to try it all the next time I’m in town, even the tea! xx

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