Dressing (For Bed) Like a Grown Up


What do you wear to bed? For me, until recently, it was a tattered old Knicks t-shirt circa 1993 or cutsie separates covered in pastel animals (or a winning combo of the two!). In other words, effortlessly chic by day and just plain effortless by night. 

Somewhere along the line, a comfy routine and what felt like a lack of good options turned into a bad rut and I just couldn’t see it. Like when your apartment smells but you HAVE NO IDEA because you live in it. But lately I’ve been slowly trying to adult-ify my life, and I finally realized my hobo evening look had to go.

Not exactly knowing where to turn next, I remembered how much I love these kaftan-friendly boyshorts and how much better life is without a boob bubble, and before I knew it I was knocking down Soma Intimates’ door. 

Right off the bat, I loved this chemise.  The support is amazing, which is pretty much never the case with a chemise. My favorite detail though is the lace racerback — I never met a racerback I didn’t like.

IMG_0125This tea length robe is another favorite. Some robes can skew cat lady, but this one feels very leading lady. Plus over shorts it’s flattering and makes me feel important even if I’m just wearing it to brush my teeth.


I also fell hard for this pajama set, with its floaty chiffon outer layer and lace trim. The second I put it on I felt pretty, comfortable and supported (and kind of French!). It’s very flattering and my favorite look for sleepovers (WINK WINK).

Take it from this adult — life with real sleepwear is so much better. 

What about you, does your bedtime wardrobe need a refresh? 

This post was created in collaboration with Soma. 

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