Fall at the Mall: 3 Easy Pieces


New York isn’t exactly known for its malls, so when a recent work trip took me to Dallas I was pretty excited to shop it out. 

As much as I love/am addicted to the ease of online shopping, sometimes there’s nothing better than getting out there and trying clothes on IRL. 

The first stop on my Dallas mall-venture was Ann Taylor, who carries up to a size 14 and XL in store. I was really feeling this cobalt pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are so wearable, especially when they’re my favorite color. I’d wear it now with sneakers and a trapeze top and later with these pumps (another mall find) to really boss lady things up (more to come on Nordstrom’s stash of size 12 shoes!).

Next up was Eileen Fisher, who’s killing it in the basics department and becoming a go-to brand for me. They carry through size 16 and XL in store. I was immediately into this cropped, boxy, chunky knit sweater. On paper it sounds like the last thing on earth that would be flattering (and I probably would have breezed past it online), but on the body it really worked. Layering can be a total puzzle but when done right I love how long and lean it makes you look. Come fall, I’d wear this with head-to-toe cream and self tanner for that monochromatic Gwyneth Paltrow/Private Jet look. 

The final stop of the day was Ann Taylor Loft which carries up to a XL and 32 (roughly a 12) in store. They pulled me in with this standout leopard coat (yep I have thing for leopard coats). From the chic print to the spot-on funnel neck, it looks way more expensive than it is ($168!) and is one of those pieces that adds insta cool. As in, I would wear it with pretty much everything and pretend I am French.

What about you, what are your go-to stops at the Mall? 

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