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So many of the clothes we buy, can be worn for any everyday look. But there is something more difficult about both finding the right office clothing, and actually wanting to spend your money on it. It is even harder to find clothing that can be worn at your office and your office party. You can’t show up to your office party in the lace body suit you wear at the clubs, but you also don’t want to show up wearing the pant suit you wore to your finance meeting in the afternoon.

But don’t fret! CoEdition has the perfect pieces that transcend from day to night at the office!

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The girl in this picture is ready for a day at work! Her blazer is just sophisticated enough for any meeting, and her dress keeps her looking professional, while keeping her cute and comfy!

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And then BAM! There she is in the same dress, minus the blazer, and some new ~ fun ~ accessories and she is wearing the perfect outfit for her office party!


The best thing about this fun and flirty pink dress is that you don’t even need to change your look! You can go straight from work and to your work party and not have to worry about getting ready!

Below are a few more of my CoEdition favorites that are perfect for day to night office looks!

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This dress adds a little flare to your work wardrobe! It gives you an extra bit of style, while keeping you in a dress that is appropriate for any business setting!

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But, if you want to look a bit more professional during the work day, you can always add this cape!

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Similar to the pink dress, this jumpsuit is one of the easiest office to office party options! You don’t have to worry about changing, all you need to do it add a few accessories to give yourself a bit more of a party look!

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The lace in this dress adds a little extra to the regular LBD! When paired with the same blazer as above (WOO! Wearing the same item in two different outfits and saving money!) it is the perfect professional look. At night, take off the blazer and you will be one of the most stylish people at your office party!

Brought to you in part by CoEdition.

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