Homely for the Holidays No More!

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You know how the song goes, and man do I agree – there is no place like home for the holidays. I don’t know about you, but once December 22nd hits, I go into full, at-home, hermit mode. Christmas movie marathon? Sign me up. Forced family fun? I’m there. Christmas cookies? I might not help you make them, but I WILL happily enjoy them from the comfort of my parents’ couch. It’s easy for your style to press pause when you’re logging so many hours at home, but this holiday season, I’ve resolved to be a bit more chic whilst relaxing (and indulging in all those fun cookies). I’m borrowing each look from a classic Christmas cookie, and I can’t wait to try each one out this Christmas. The cookies, and the looks that is…

A Punch of Red = Painted Sugar Cookies


photo @jamiemagnifico

A pop of color goes perfectly with everyone’s favorite red and green sugar cookies, and these pants look super polished, but are so comfy – they basically feel like sweatpants! Add an essential black turtleneck and a cute pair of snow boots and you can take your look from the couch to the real world.

Black and White Stripes = Snowball Cookies


photo @jamiemagnifico

These little white balls of heaven are my personal faves, and while your faux-leather leggings may get a bit easy, the powdered sugar is super easy to dust right off! A striped sweater is a wardrobe staple (comes in stars, too!) and maximizes on cozy and chic. Throw on a brocade slide and you’re good to go. I plan to eat these cookies on the couch while I binge Christmas movies.

Put Together Prep = Gingerbread Men


photo @jamiemagnifico

A classic look deserves a classic cookie, and these guys are all biz. When I saw this look on Amelia Diamond, I knew I had to Supersize It (and bring it home with me for the holidays!). Nothing says “pretending to read a book by the fire” quite like these windowpane pants and structured blazer. Add a simple white tee and you’re set to lounge, stylishly!

Join me in the quest to go from bum to beautiful this Christmas 😉

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