How To Do Denim When You Don’t Do Denim


Jeans for me are always SO TEMPTING but are one of the few things I just don’t wear. Yes it’s controversial, but denim doesn’t bring out my best me, and I’m ok with that.

And yet… when I spotted these jeans and this jacket at Marina Rinaldi, there was something about the combo I instantly loved and thought might work. I’ve always had a mental image of this lady who goes to a lunch for the Whitney in her chic jeans and nice jacket, but never dared to think it was a look I could pull off… until now.


When I tried it on, I felt great in denim for the first time ever (was literally near tears in the Marina Rinaldi store-  get a grip). As long as I was in uncharted territory, I decided to add a heel (as in, NOT a sneaker) for that polished lady who lunches look.



The key is how the longer jacket cover ups the jean butt, which is where denim usually goes south for me. Also I couldn’t love that jacket more! It’s insane and the perfect statement for spring.



So yes, up is down and left is right and I’m wearing JEANS and liking it. What about you, are you yay or nay when it comes to denim with your curves?

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