How To Dress Like A “Grown Up” Without Looking Boring!

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

My style tends more toward bright colors, patterns and streetwear. I definitely skew more casual than not, and my #1 fashion nightmare is looking overdone or overdressed!

But of course there are times when I need to look a little more sophisticated. My trick to pulling off a “lady” look that steers clear of boring is to stick with tried-and-true silhouettes and have fun with the accessories. Getting dressed up, even if it’s just minor, can be a little daunting for most of us, so all I’m saying is stick with what you know and tweak it!

A bodysuit paired with an A-line skirt is one of my NEVER FAIL formulas. In this case a simple vneck bodysuit makes for the perfect foundation. The tweak here is I did a midi skirt instead of my traditional mini and went with a more restrained color palette of black and white.

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

I love the easy drape of the skirt (plus… pockets!) and that I don’t have to worry about re-tucking my top in all day. This look is definitely clean and grown up, yet I love it because it’s still sexy, easy and — especially with the help of a few fun accessories like leopard heels, palm print shades and a colorful crossbody — far from boring!

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

Lady vibes are dialed up yet I still feel like myself. A win-win!

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