The High-Low Trick to Perking Up Your Puffy

The 12ish Style

To be honest, when I first saw puffy coats being pushed as a trend this season, I was a little confused. I don’t know about you, but it’s been my go-to winter coat for at least two decades. But hey, whatever’s going to keep a lady warm AND chic out there is worth figuring out, right?!

So yesterday I broke the trend down over on PopSugar. One of my favorite tips to keep things looking fresh is to pair your puffy with something fancy. A little high-low wink.

The 12ish Style

This faux shearling jacket from the Gap does the trick when paired it with a little sparkle (on sale for $130!).


The results are kind of Man Repeller-ish, which I love! Also shearling is another big trend this season, so bringing the two together feels right.

The 12ish Style

I love how cute and wearable (not to mention affordable) this look is. Sure you may want to add tights, but guess what? STILL CUTE. For more tips head on over to Popsugar!

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