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It’s Laser Szn – Part One

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Winter is like training season for your skin, the just-right time to get all your treatments in while you’re out of the sun. Welcome to Part One of our brand new skin series: Laser Szn!

I talk so much about Melasma during the summer (#lovesummerhateeverythingelse), and although I’m super up on my zinc mustache, sun damage still occurs. During the off-season when you’re pale as hell is the perfect time to repair what you’ve done in the sun, and I’ve always wanted to try out laser.

IMG_0609For my first adventure in laser, I tried out Clear + Brilliant at my favorite Washington Square Derm. Clear + Brilliant is like the equivalent of ‘Laser for Dummies’, a great introductory treatment with minimal downtime and fast results. I had no idea what to expect going in, especially that they have to numb your face for it. Good news: it didn’t hurt a bit.

IMG_0621Post-treatment was a quick Vitamin C mask to help decrease pigment, provide collagen protection, and promote overall healing. This whole treatment took 15 minutes – I’m a fan.

My skin felt like sandpaper for a couple days after, but it looked beautiful. I even got compliments from friends who aren’t privy on giving them out (looking at you, Extra Extra Style). More than I like to admit, there’s a lot of cumulative sun damage on my face and I want to take care of that. Step one to combat this is continuing with these treatments for optimal results (they rec 5 sessions). And on another note, have you heard about tech neck?!?! Susanna clued me in that the lines on your neck are not from aging, but from alllll that screen time we just can’t escape. Don’t know about you, but I’m about to start doing kegels for my neck…


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