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It’s Officially Thigh Chafe Season! Who’s With Me?

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Saying I’m excited to officially be launching my new product line Megababe today on the first official day of summer is an understatement. I’M OVER THE MOON, PEOPLE!!!

If you don’t follow my every move on the internet (what’s that, you have a life!?) and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me catch you up in 10 seconds.

The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

I’ve been dealing with normal lady issues like thigh chafe and boob sweat for as long as I can remember. And for that same amount of time, I’ve been forced to DIY my own less-than-chic, often embarrassing solutions such as men’s anti-chafing sport sticks on my thighs, baby powder on my boobs (and all over the bathroom floor) — you get the drift.

The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

Sick of hacking what was mostly men’s products, I decided to create my own line, called Megababe! The Megababe mission is simple: to provide effective, targeted products packed with good-for-you ingredients that let us ladies tackle these “hush-hush” issues in style.

So that’s the quick background. I hope if you deal with either of these issues you will check it out and let me know what you think. Megababe Thigh Rescue is shipping now and Megababe Bust Dust is available for pre-order to ship next month 🙂

As excited as I am to be bringing my Megababe-y into this world (and thank you for putting up with my sales pitch!), I have to tell you I also feel a good amount of healthy rage under the surface, and that’s really what I want to get into in this post.

Women EVERYWHERE deal with thigh chafe! It’s not even about what size you wear, it’s about how your body is built. Thigh chafe does not discriminate and will take a size 2 girl down just as easily as a size 12 or 22. But until Amy Schumer’s #nothighgapnoproblem Met Gala post drew media attention to the issue, I had never — NOT ONE SINGLE TIME — seen or heard any media coverage on it.

How could something so widespread and so innocent be so invisible? So hush-hush?

If you search “thigh chafe stick” in Amazon, two categories come up: “Triathalon Equipment” and “Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea Care.” Head’s up, Amazon! I think you missed the category called “Average Females Trying to Walk.”

Type the same thing into a Google shopping search and you will find 22 products that are either targeted to men, especially sporty men, and/or are clinical in nature.

This is really what gets my rage going. I can barely take two steps without meeting another woman whose thighs also erupt in flames while walking down the street, yet the personal care industry has zeroed in on men. Men on bikes, to be specific. I mean, HUH?

Why do we have to hack so many things as ladies?! Why do people, brands and media see only what they want to see?

The end result of being ignored is feeling ignored. That leads to feeling embarrassed and somehow less-than, like there has got to be something wrong with me! This very normal emotional reaction feeds right back into the negative stigma that’s already out there. It’s a vicious, senseless cycle. I am generally a confident person, but even I have succumbed to it now and then. You would have to be super human not to.

I know I can’t single handedly solve all of this with Megababe, but I also think it’s important to call out that there’s more going on here than just skin-on-skin rubbing. It’s time to start normalizing things that are actually normal! To take control of the conversation and shed a light on all the issues that we keep in the dark for literally no reason.

Megababe is one way in which I hope to contribute my voice to that conversation. In the day to day, my goal is to create a world in which a lady doesn’t have to pull a men’s anti-chafing cycling stick out of her bag and feel bad about it. Because as I like to say, You’re too cute to chafe! But on a higher level, my goal is to help create a world in which no lady ever feels bad for being who she is.

In the meantime, today is a very exciting day for me personally and professionally so I’m going to sit back and celebrate. And to everyone out there who’s been so wonderful and supportive on both The 12ish Style and Megababe, I want to say a big thank you! I can’t do it without you. Lots more good things to come, that’s for sure 🙂

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