Say No To Thigh Chafe with These 3 Tips

The 12ish Style - Katie Sturino - Thigh Chafe

When Amy Schumer posted a video of herself at the Met Gala applying deodorant between her legs with the caption #NoThighGapNoProblem, my seasonal burden went from dirty little secret to Vanity Fair news.

Thigh chafe becomes a problem every year around this time when tights season ends and skin-to-win season begins. If you’re like me and walking in a skirt without protection can lead to a major unsexy bumpy rash, then these 12ish approved tips and tricks are for you!

The 12ish Style - Katie Sturino - Thigh Chafe

First, I wish I had a direct line to Schumer for so many reasons, but especially to tell her that while deodorant totally works, repeat applications can be drying. This Body Glide Stick keeps you protected and moisturized and come summer, I don’t dare leave home without one!


Second, I’ve found the easiest and longest lasting fix is a light smoothing short under your skirt. I love this pair from Soma because they don’t roll up; however on a 100 degree day, keep in mind that one more layer might seem unbearable.

Soma Smoothing Shorts

Finally, if you’re looking for the most aesthetically pleasing way to prevent thigh chafe, check out BandlettesThey’re taking a very non-sexy problem and putting a sexy spin on it…and it does work!

The 12ish Style - Bandlettes

With these easy tips you too can show chub rub who’s boss and wear your favorite skirts and dresses all summer long, rash-free. Or as Schumer would say, #NoThighGapNoProblem.

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