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It’s tough going back to real life after a long weekend of sun and fun (and swimwear and caftans of course) but I got on the plane this morning heading home to NYC feeling recharged and ready to go. It’s amazing what a few days of vitamin D will do!

I’m sure a massive case of spring fever will hit the second I land and it’s still winter, but I’m TOO EXCITED ABOUT RECENT 12ISH PRESS TO REALLY CARE 🙂

In case you missed it, be sure to check out my Racked rant about the frustration of brick and mortar shopping. What’s an average sized girl gotta do to get a store to take her money, am I right?!

In last week’s Create + Cultivate piece, I touched on the topic again, this time with an eye to how the influence of social media is creating a new “trickle up” retail model. Go check it out here!

Finally, I made ugly cry face in public and I’m not ashamed! Check out my Popsugar piece to see what it was like to sit front row at Prabal and why I really should have brought some kleenex.

And keep checking back for fresh outfit inspo! I can’t wait to share a batch of looks I shot last week, including the above take on daytime sequins and an important case for why Accountant Chic is so damn chic 🙂

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