These Under $100 Overalls Are Your New Wardrobe BFF


I’ve been watching the return of overalls from the sidelines, excited to see they’re back but intimidated to give them a try. Comfort-wise, I knew I’d fall head over heels in love but I also knew a literal 90’s baggy Rachel-style throwback would not be my best look.


Searching for the perfect not-too-skinny-not-too-baggy pair, I stumbled across these ASOS Curve winners.


From the wash to the buckles to the cut, they’re classic and cute and get everything right. They’re as comfy as I’d imagined and paired with a striped bodysuit and my favorite bomber, I feel kinda adorable. And no, in no way do I feel like I should be serving coffee at the Central Perk!


At $73, these are just a yes, period. Get em before they’re gone!

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