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Meeting Amy Schumer

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

Like so many people, I’ve had a big old crush on Amy Schumer for a while. It really kicked into high gear two years ago when she shared the now famous pic of her swiping deodorant on her thighs at the Met Gala with the #NoThighGapNoProblem caption.

Seeing all the buzz around her thigh chafe Insta post was right up there with Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated cover. Before Amy and Ashley, I never saw girls I could actually relate to represented in the mainstream media. It had been easy to feel like I was the only one dealing with issues like thigh chafe, but the moment Amy’s post semi-broke the internet, I knew I wasn’t alone. Megababe, an idea I’d had in my head for a long time, was born not too long after.

Everything came full circle last week when I was given the opportunity to interview Amy Schumer about her new film, “I Feel Pretty.”

Anyone who saw my Insta stories the night I attended the preview knows I LOVED this movie. And meeting Amy in real life was definitely a pinch me moment. I don’t know if she was extra nice because she could see the nervous sweat building on my upper lip or if that’s just how she is, but she made me (a non-journalist, don’t forget!) feel comfortable and at ease. I mean, she even tied my dress!

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

Once I got over my butterflies, talking with Amy was really fun. I shared my own adage of “putting your confidence on first,” and we talked about how once you own and accept who you are, everything else can fall into place. I love how the movie brings this idea to life and it was cool hearing Amy felt the same way.

There’s a scene in the movie where Amy’s character comes home from the bar after a disappointing night out and looks at her Spanx-clad body in the mirror. I swear every woman has experienced the anticipation of a big night out versus the reality of it not always being so fun. As Amy said, “I added that scene because I can relate to it so much. In college and in life, the best parts of those nights ended up being getting ready with your friends.” SO TRUE.

Meeting Amy was amazing, and you bet I gave her a Thigh Rescue for this year’s Met Gala. But for me the best part of everything is probably that Hollywood actually made a major blockbuster movie about a woman finding her confidence and her journey to love herself, instead of a man. Just like Amy, that in and of itself is pretty remarkable.

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