My Million Dollar Baby Moment


Ever since I started training with Reebok at Gotham Gym in June, I’ve been waiting for this “a-ha” moment à la Million Dollar Baby, and this past week it happened for me. It all clicked when I noticed I wasn’t as out of breath as usual after walking up the stairs…


At the beginning of my combat training, there was a very specific instance when I noticed another woman training. Her footwork was so seamless and smooth, and her combinations were enviable. She basically had it all down pat. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, you know? Well, that wasn’t exactly me. When I moved my hands, nothing synced up right away, and it was basically all jumbled up. I kept thinking to myself, “When will look like that boxing?”.

The key (like everything else in life) was to just keep going. I really paid attention to myself after I noticed I wasn’t so out of breath, and I left my boxing class feeling noticeably different. I felt smooth, and able to execute the fight combinations – cross, jab, left, right, duck, and more – that once felt so far away for me. All I’m saying is I hope you don’t run into me when I’m real fired up because I’m basically Rocky in the ring (are you tired of my boxing movie references yet??). I can’t wait to see what the next week with Reebok and Gotham Gym will bring!

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