My Visit to Stitch Fix

Influencer Plus Event 2018

This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix.

For a long time I was skeptical about the concept of a virtual stylist sending me a box of clothes I didn’t choose. I didn’t like the feeling of having someone pick out what they thought I should wear. However, I had heard good things about Stitch Fix and was very curious and intrigued when they asked me to come to San Francisco.

Before arriving in San Francisco, Stitch Fix sent me my very own box, including a pair of black overalls, from a brand I had never heard of, that are now a staple for me. Additionally, the most exciting part of this box was that everything fit me.

After going to the Stitch Fix headquarters, I learned that the reason all of the clothing fit so well is because Stitch Fix approaches fashion like a tech company, and uses an algorithm to make sure you get clothes that match your body and size.

Influencer Plus Event 2018

Having new styles sent to you that fix perfectly allows you to try a style you wouldn’t have considered before. And, you get to try this new style in the comfort of your own home without the effect of those horrible changing room lights. This pushes your personal style boundaries, which I am very into, and is easily the biggest and most exciting part about Stitch Fix!

Influencer Plus Event 2018

Not only does Stitch Fix allow you to push some fashion boundaries, but it is also a company that cares. Firstly, it is a female founded, billion dollar company in the tech and fashion industry and their founder, Katrina Lake, still took the time to come and talk to those of us who visited their head quarters

Influencer Plus Event 2018

Furthermore, when looking at their plus and extended sizing in all directions, I was so impressed with the overall thought and care they put into their selection. The care so much about their sizing, that their design team went to China to work on fit with the manufacturers on their in house lines. They taught the manufactures about clothing and fit for all bodies and that as you go up in size you can’t just make something bigger, you need to make it to scale.

Influencer Plus Event 2018

Overall, I was incredible impressed with Stitch Fix and the care and detail they placed around size expansion specifically. So if you are looking for a new style, or trying to find clothes that fit get out there and give Stitch Fix a try!

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