One Piece, Three Ways: Take Two

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0109 copy

One piece, three ways is back, and this time, we’re styling this two-piece ecru set by Eileen Fisher.

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0049 copy

The Eileen Fisher pants as a whole are very versatile for summer because they’re white, they make you look like you know what you’re doing, and they’re very fashionable. Added bonus, you can walk around thigh chafe free because they protect you! This look is a little late 80’s/early 90’s, in the best possible way. Think Annie Hall.

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0023 copy

I paired the pants with this striped crop top because I thought it was the perfect outfit for traveling!

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0033 copy

The bag by YSL from Net-a-Porter adds an adventurous spirit to the look, perfect for summer.

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0025 copy

I also wore this look with my white Tevas because like it or not, they feel like a dream and if you have to walk around some place hot, I think they’re ideal.

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0070 copy

I love this IRO leopard print top with the neutral pant and a bit of a block heel by Stuart Weitzman. The structured bag by Parker Thatch makes it a super friendly look for work.

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0055 copy

I like this look because it truly feels like a costume for me. Am I a 90’s museum curator? Am I a therapist in 1988? I am certainly light years away from my usual selects of large print jumpsuits and sneakers in this elegant two-piece set.

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0095 copy

16-06-29_KATIE_CAFTAN_0112 copy

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