My closet feels like it wants to live in Rome (or at least the version that exists in my brain) so when it’s time to fly to Italy, packing is a no-brainer. Rome will have rage-inducing heat so I need to make sure I have temperature friendly, chic outfits that are mindful of thigh chafe.

To make my bag as light as possible, I try to be disciplined when I pack and edit down outfits by planning ahead. I find personal joy in wearing everything I bring and not lugging around 12lbs of clothes I didn’t wear. Here’s what’s on my list:

Stripes. They’re summer staple, both for tops and skirts. Tuxe bodysuits are easily packable and look pulled together right out of my suitcase, so they make up about 75% of the tops I packed. I also love pouches from Parker Thatch, they hold tons and you can label them however you want. My toiletry bag says “West Coast Jet Lag is a thing.”

Pro tip: Check out the city guides on Garance Dore’s site. They’re spot on!

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