• photo @jamiemagnifico

    3 Easy Day-to-night Summer Outfit Ideas

    Getting dressed in the summer is both easy and not easy. Let me explain! Throwing on a breezy caftan and hitting the streets? SUPER EASY. And definitely my favorite way to live!…

  • photo @eloquii

    A Closet Makeover You Have To See!

    I’ve been working on a new project with Eloquii called Closet Confidential and am so excited it’s finally live! I hear from women ALL THE TIME who are either stuck in a…

  • Photo by Edith Young for @manrepeller

    Tackling Short Shorts And Thigh Chafe

    I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with shorts. I LOVE that you can go really short without looking skanky like you might in a micro-mini, but I’ve always dreaded dealing with the thigh chafe…

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    Beauty + Health

    My Natural Skin Care Picks

    Lately I’m making a conscious effort to work natural skin care products into my routine. I figure the fewer chemicals and synthetics I use the better, but I’m not willing to compromise…

  • photo @jamiemagnifico

    Stripes Gone Wild

    Give me my favorite colors (red & blue!), stripes and a cute as hell whimsical print and I AM SOLD. This Eloquii dress makes me so excited for summer!! It’s polished enough to go to work for…