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By now you know that I’m drawn to pieces that are traditionally thought to be unflattering on my size 12 body type — white jeans, head-to-toe print, cropped tops, furry jackets, and you guessed it, miniskirts. According to the rulebook, I should stick to monotone looks, sleek fabrics and loads of black, but to me that has always seemed like a real snooze. 

The 12ish Style -- Carole Radziwill

The truth is I’m tired of the industry telling me what not to wear or how to hide/minimize/conceal my body. I know what it’s like to love fashion even if it feels like fashion doesn’t always love me back, and I’m guessing you do too. That’s why I started this blog in the first place — to spread body positivity, shopping tips and styling tricks and to help make great style accessible to all. At the end of the day, I do what I want and you should too!

Once place I love looking for outfit inspo is celebs. Looking good is basically their job, so it’s pretty much a no brainer. Of course most celebs aren’t rocking a size 14, which is why I like the challenge of recreating a look and proving it can work on different body types (as with Kendall here and Gigi here).

16-04-05_Katie_Sturino_Swim__MG_1975 (2)

This time around I wanted to get personal with a Carole Radziwill outfit hack. Carole has been a friend and supporter of The12ishStyle since we met filming this season of RHONY (that’s right… WHAT?!) and is simply one of the coolest (and chicest!!!) women of all time.

It may seem ironic, but we’ve both taken some heat for the way our bodies are made — Carole’s been vocal about skinny shaming and I’ve had to deal with more fat shaming Instagram trolls than I can count. So when Carole agreed to let me supersize one of her looks, I wanted to celebrate both of our body types — no hiding in a long dress or pants! If ever there was a time for a show stopping miniskirt moment, I knew this was it.


This bold but wearable look hits the nail on the head — it’s fun, flirty and perfectly layered for hot-cold-hot-cold Spring temps. Yes the silver sequined miniskirt (Carole and I are both rocking this one by Forever21) shows a lot of leg and makes a sparkly statement, but when toned down with casual basics and sneakers (mine are by Saturdays NYC) it really works for daytime. I will never shut up about bodysuits (my go-to for staying tucked and looking polished), so not surprisingly I am wearing one by TUXE for an under layer, topped off with the American Apparel sweatshirt you probably already own. 

16-04-05_Katie_Sturino_Swim__MG_1956 (1)

I love this outfit because it works on anyone and looks harder than it is to pull together. I also love it because I think most people would hear Size 12 Sequin Mini skirt and think “Not your look, honey,” but nothing feels better than breaking the rules and wearing what makes you happy. And if you should happen to show some athlete-grade leg muscle in the process, then I say all the better!

Head to Refinery 29 for more on this look and lemme know what you think in the comments below!

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