Steal These 3 Man Repeller Looks

12ish : Man Repeller - suiting

Listen, you haven’t lived till you’ve been Man Repelled.

When I recently put it all on the line and requested a full Man Repeller makeover (check it out here), I knew it would mean tackling a few of my biggest fears: LAYERS, DENIM COLORED DENIM and SUITING.

I love how layering looks on other people, but when you have big boobs and shoulders, adding three layers on top doesn’t feel like the natural move. And blue denim has always been something that I like on everyone but me. In the brilliant hands of the MR team however, this 1-2 punch of my worst nightmares came together in a way that made me feel cute and chic.

12ish : Man Repeller - Denim

I also discovered the perfect pairing for all this denim and layering: socks and brogues. (I love my men’s pair by Grenson!)  They work with everything and I’m big time hooked.

12ish : Man Repeller - Layers

Finally how amazing is this Eloquii suit!? I usually stay away from suiting – it tends to be cut weird and I hate how the fabric bunches in my thighs. But this suit has stretch panelling in my fabric fabric (scuba!), making the fit an absolute dream.

12ish : Man Repeller - suiting

I’m living proof that you too can dabble in layers, denim and suiting and do some man repelling of your own. Let me know if you give any of these looks a try!

All images courtesy of Man Repeller

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