Stealing Jessica Alba’s Easy White Look

photo credits @jamiemagnifico

I hear from so many women who are hesitant to wear white because they think it’s not flattering or they can’t pull it off.

If you like white on other people but need some convincing to get it on your own body, then I AM TALKING TO YOU! White doesn’t have to be scary – think of it as another hardworking neutral in your wardrobe and a great warm weather alternative to black. As for whether it’s flattering? That has much more to do with the piece of clothing than it does the color.

photo credit @jamiemagnifico

photo credit @jamiemagnifico

This summery white look, inspired by Jessica Alba’s travel style, is about as easy & figure friendly as it gets. Not to mention comfy and versatile!

photo credit @jamiemagnifico

photo credit @jamiemagnifico

To recreate her outfit in my size I started with this Teresa x Eloquii shirtdress, which immediately makes me feel like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun! This embellished military jacket creates nice lines and keeps the volume from the full skirt in check. You know I love a white sneaker – mine are men’s and are a good, affordable size 12 option. The final touch is a pair of sunnies, and voila! Hard to tell who the real Jessica Alba is, right? 🙂

Are you down with wearing white!? Lemme know in the comments!

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