Stealing Kylie’s Sporty On-The-Go Look

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Nobody does head-to-toe neutral like the Kardashians! When Kylie stepped out in this skin tight (and skin bearing) workout outfit, she looked like one of her lip kits come to life  — in a good way!

You know I love color and print, but sometimes I see a neutral look like this and I can’t help but be TOTALLY INTO IT.

photo credit @jamiemagnifico

photo credit @jamiemagnifico

I decided to recreate Kylie’s outfit not only to scratch that “greige” itch (and maybe get mistaken for a Kardashian LOL), but also because I think this outfit is more wearable than it seems!

The idea is that high waisted leggings keep you covered but still show your shape while a strappy bra top balances it out. To recreate Kylie’s look in my size, I’m wearing Outdoor Voices’ oatmeal warm-up leggings and matching sports bra (XL in both).

So many women think they can’t show their abs but I’m here to say YES YOU CAN! To me this look is carefree and chic, perfect with a hoodie for spring and a unicorn frappucino for summer 🙂

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