Supersize It! Steal Gigi’s 90’s-tastic Look


It’s not even a decade I’m into, but the 90’s-inspired outfit Gigi Hadid wore to the Yeezy show last month drew me in BIG TIME. Styled by Monica Rose, the slip dress and choker combo is so 90’s it hurts… and yet on Gigi, it’s just so good.

Seeing as I’m ready to burn all my cold weather clothes and pretend it’s spring, Gigi’s outfit couldn’t have hit these winter weary eyes at a better time. I knew from the moment I saw it I had to recreate it.

If that sounds like a weird undertaking, let me pause to explain. It girls like Gigi are dressed by the best stylists in the biz, resulting in amazing outfit inspiration for the rest of us. Since the pros typically aren’t styling size 12 or 14 girls, I love the challenge of proving these looks can work on anyone.

As you probably know, the first recreation we did on The12ish Style was Kendall Jenner’s chic and easy travel outfit (also the work of Monica Rose), which I loved as a way of showing that travel doesn’t have to look as ugly as it often does. Like Kendall, Gigi is a huge fashion fixture, wearing only the most relevant outfits and possessing the ability to look classic in camel one day and crazy crop-top-cool the next. Of course none of us have Kendall’s or Gigi’s bank accounts or their bods, but I guess that’s my point — you don’t really need it in order to cop their style.

So when I set out to steal Gigi’s 90’s-tastic look for a night out, I was open to seeing how it would go. Not only was is super easy to pull off and a total success, but two things really surprised me (in a good way). 

First, I already knew that for a curvy body, a slip dress isn’t an obvious choice. In fact, it’s a trend I would have skipped over if left to my own devices, but in this below-the-knee Natori version (equipped with plenty of stretch) I actually felt totally at ease and sexy. If you have a chest, don’t overthink the spaghetti straps — just throw on a black bra (skip the strapless, it’s not worth it) and remember you’re wearing a layer on top anyway.

The other huge shock was the choker. It took A LOT for me to will myself to put it on, and I was convinced my neck would be too big, but I actually loved it. Something about it was totally transformative and made me feel hot as hell. And yes, nobody is more surprised by this than me! It’s not worth splurging on, but for $7 at Forever 21 you really can’t go wrong.

To top it off, the perfect silky oversized bomber is obviously key. If Gigi’s $1700 version is just a little out of reach, try this nearly identical Polo version, a steal at under $150. With bombers so in this season (have you heard?), you bet you’ll wear it again and again. Add statement sunnies (to dodge the paparazzi), a small structured bag and minimal jewelry (like this Sarah Chloe lariat) and voilà! turns out it couldn’t be easier to steal Gigi’s night-on-the-town style. Plus now you have a cool new go-to outfit to wear to death until summer hits!

If you’re feeling this 90’s-but-better look, shop below for more 12ish approved picks!

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