Supersizing Bat Gio’s Athleisure Chic

Photo Feb 06, 4 17 45 PM

Basically whatever Bat Gio’s selling, I’m buying, and this look is literally white hot. This time around, I was so excited to take on one of her more casual looks.

Photo Feb 06, 3 48 54 PM

Start off with your basic white hoodie (mine’s by Champion). Next, add your preferred legging. I’m an Outdoor Voices girl through and through, and I’m wearing my favorite Tech Sweat leggings with a bit of a crop leg. Lastly, I keep going back to these men’s Reeboks and it’s because they’re SO GOOD! Chic, yet comfy enough for my plantar fasciitis 🙂

A look is nothing without accessories, and when I saw Bat with this Nancy Gonzalez bag, I knew I had to have it. Rainbow hearts that look like little candies?!?! Sign me up! Throw on a pair of sunnies and you’re set.

Are you up to supersize it?

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