Taking Names and Breaking A Sweat

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Last month I shared (or maybe over-shared?) that I was in a workout slump. Which was especially not cool because as a former athlete, I need to break a sweat and get those endorphins pumping on a regular basis to feel like myself. I had let a hectic life and travel schedule takeover, and was paying the price.

So with Tracy Anderson as my chiseled blonde guide, I set a December goal of getting back on track by doing her 30 minute workout video every day. More than six weeks in, Tracy is my GIRL. I’m still spending 30 mins a day with her, non-negotiable, and love how strong I’m feeling!

With a decent baseline going (finally!), my goal this month is to layer in cardio. As much as I love Tracy’s toning video, I can NOT bring myself to do her cardio dance workout. I know few things are cooler than a bad ass dance workout, but it’s just not my thing. So while I’m feeling more toned in 2016, I’m still losing my breath going up the stairs and that’s not ok!

To get my blood pumping, I decided to layer in Soul Cycle classes. It’s one of the few cardio workouts I’ve found that REALLY makes me sweat and feel on top of the world. It’s expensive, but it works (and gets me out of the house) so the price is worth it a couple times a week for me.

I know it sounds like I’m chugging the SC koolaid here, but I’m also really into their workout clothing. It’s become my go-to gear, and these bottoms (size L) and this top (size XL) are among my favorites. Inventory in L and XL can be hit or miss online – I usually have more luck shopping in the studio. Another great reason to go to class!

Are you taking on a new workout routine in the New Year? I wanna hear about it!

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