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Taking On Bomber Jackets With The Style Scout


One of the benefits of being in the biz, as they say, is all the incredibly stylish and cool women I am surrounded by on a daily basis. These are the ladies who really influence and inspire my style and make fashion so much fun for me personally.

One such lady is Alia Ahmed-Yahia, also known as The Style Scout. I’ve been bumping into Alia on the streets for ten years and every time I see her she is 100% owning her unique look and style, and always looking so good. As a former editor and style consultant at magazines like Vanity Fair and Elle, a regular morning show contributor, a talented style blogger and the creator of my favorite podcast, she’s just super impressive and talented and clearly I have a crush.

To kick off our new “Styled By” series, I asked Alia how to wear one of this season’s biggest trends, the bomber jacket. I knew she would have a fresh take on how to get in the game without looking like every other girl out there. Here’s what Alia had to say:

Call a timeout for your structured blazers and sleek motos because spring’s main message is all about ease and individuality. A bomber style is not only an easy swap for your regular jacket, it’s a workhorse when it comes to cool factor. Modern versions aren’t the casual staple you’re imagining with chic takes on the classic walking down runways like Gucci and Stella McCartney. Look for unique bombers in silky fabrics and leather, with embellishments, embroidery and sporty stripes. 

Unique patterns and textures? Twist my arm Alia, why don’t you!! While this style forecast couldn’t be more up my alley, we all know finding the perfect piece is one thing and figuring out how to style it is another all together. I turned to Alia again for tips on how to transform a cool jacket into a cool outfit:

Tip #1: Make it the statement piece in your look

I love this as a go-to formula when you have nothing to wear and need to get out of the house FAST. Start with a monochromatic outfit (ahem may I suggest a bodysuit), throw on a patterned bomber and you’re set. Try this ASOS skirt (mine is old APC) and this Forever21 men’s floral bomber (or snag my floral Ralph Lauren Polo version, available in RL stores) for instant easier-than-it-looks street style.



Tip #2: Mix sporty and dressed up

Sporty is my jam, and this is the kind of look I could easily wear everyday (and will try hard not to). To pull it off, start with your favorite leggings and tshirt and offset with a dressy bomber like this amazing version by Opening Ceremony. The key is to make sure it’s truly fancy – look for silky fabrics, unique patterns, embellishments etc. A luxe backpack is the perfect finishing touch for channeling your inner model-on-the-go.

Tip #3: Try it over a t-shirt and long pencil (bonus for leather)

If I’m allowed to have two jams, leather (or vegan leather) is definitely up there with my love of anything sporty. This hard-working Ralph Lauren twill bomber can skew casual, but takes on a whole new edge when paired with a leopard tshirt and Universal Standard leather skirt. As always, sneakers for the win. Any girl will feel cool as hell in this outfit!

Looking for more style tips to play around with? Alia suggests trying your bomber zipped up over a midi length knit dress, as a layer over a denim button down + skinnies, tossed over the shoulders of a jumpsuit or worn open with a pleated midi skirt. Thanks Alia, I can’t wait to try em all!

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