Taking On Volume and This Summer’s Cropped Top

The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

A lot of women don’t know how to wear volume, so they steer clear of it all together. But listen, that’s no way to live!

The general idea when it comes to doing volume without getting swallowed whole is to pair something big with something small. Of course there are a zillion ways to do this, but the combo that feels freshest to me right now is a flowy skirt with an itty-bitty cropped top.

Erin Robertson, the winner of last season’s Project Runway, is one of the ladies who’s perfected this formula, which is why I wanted to supersize one of her designs. Her collection from the finale episode was full of volume inspo! My favorite thing about this kind of dressing is that you may THINK you can’t pull it off, but then guess what YOU TOTALLY CAN and it feels great!

photo @projectrunway

photo courtesy of @projectrunway

Just like in Erin’s design, the cropped top with a high waist is key! This look isn’t about exposing actual stomach, but just a couple inches of rib cage skin. No matter your body shape or size, everyone has a zone below the bust and above the belly button that is universally flattering to show!

If cropped anything is outside your comfort zone, I’m telling you this is the way to dip your toe in the waters. You still get the full coverage of a flowy skirt and a structured top will keep you feeling secure even if you are showing a hint more skin that usual. I hope you try it and lemme know how it goes!

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